How to Wash Raw Denim Jeans

I really like raw denim and how personal these jeans become. You spend so much time making them your own that you become so attached to them like a friend. The care, time, and customization you put into a pair of jeans is unparalleled in any other forms of fashion. It’s a unique fashion statement and hobby. People roll around in the sand, wash their jeans in salt water, bake them in the sun, or partake in other wild techniques in taking care of jeans that that they wear everyday. It’s odd and very interesting the way a relationship grows between human and denim.

Watch this video on how I wash my raw selvedge denim.


How to Open Onigiri

In Korea and Japan I loved eating Onigiri. These goodie filled rice ball snacks are so yummy, cheap, and plentiful. I’d have 3+ a day, it was so satisfying. The best part is that there are so many flavors that you can be adventurous getting your snack on. This video shows how to open the convenience store variety of Onigiri.


How to Eat Live Octopus

I was in Seoul, South Korea on holiday and I wandered into the Noryangjin Fish Market. This place is one huge warehouse of hundreds of fish vendors. I made it a point to try the live baby octopus. It’s often served with oil so that the still-squirming tentacles don’t stick to thinks. It proved inefficient as my food still stuck to the sauce bowl, table, my teeth, etc. Have a watch! Try it when you get the opportunity!!